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B-24 Logo, courtesy of Ypsilanti Historical Society

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Excerpt from The Long Pursuit;


Ducking under the first window outside Zimmerman Hall, Mickey moved past three darkened windows before reaching the last lighted office. The window was raised nearly a foot, the curtains were drawn back, and a pale glare from the fluorescent fixture overhead left an eerie oblong of light across the bushes. Before he reached the window, he could hear voices. A flat-sounding voice said, “What do you want next? That stupid reporter never published the story. Maybe she’s just talking big, huh?”

A baritone voice spoke with authority. “Eric, we do not take any more chances. Understand? We have important matters coming up at the plant. Several of our people are in place. If the female reporter from Ypsilanti writes a story about me, she may have to face an accident.”

Baritone voice cleared his throat. “Where’s the young bitch you took to dinner?”

“She’s in the car.” Flat voice sounded defensive, like he was uneasy.

Baritone voice took on a cutting edge ... “We mean to light up the sky at Willow Run. The less people who know what we’re doing for the Fatherland, the better off we are. Understood?” A fist crashed down heavily on the desk.

Eric spoke instinctively: “Jawohl!”

Pierce Hall, courtesy of Eastern Michigan University Archives

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The second Mickey Mathews Mystery is set in Michigan in 1943. Mickey, a Flint native, returns to his college town of Ypsilanti to reconnect with his best friend from Hawaii, retired Army Major Frank Tuttle, his vigilant German shepherd, Ike, and Frank's girl friend, former beauty  queen Norma Jean Monroe. Soon the two buddies are plunged into mystery, intrigue, and romance. Mickey was called home by Michigan Normal College's president Yancey White to solve a blackmail threat at Baxter College in Ann Arbor. The threat came from German national Herman Fischer, a Baxter History professor. Before long, Mickey and Frank, ably assisted by White's African American driver Tommy Jefferson, the former heavyweight boxer, are called on to solve the murder of an FBI agent investigating espionage at the Bomber Plant in Willow Run. Soon the duo faces the shooting of "Rosie the Riveter" Jackson, a leader of the working women at the B-24 factory. Pressuring Fischer, a secret Nazi, Mickey and Frank are stunned by the kidnapping of librarian Patty Gilbert, Mickey's fiancee who recently moved to town from Hawaii, and Flo Budzinski, Patty's roommate. Acting quickly, Mickey, Frank, Tommy, Ike, and the FBI launch the long pursuit, leading them to Flint, to Port Austin in Michigan's Thumb, and to the waterfront in Sarnia, Ontario. In a surprise twist, a final threat awaits them home in Ypsilanti.

The  Long Pursuit

Pierce Sm - From 1943 Aurora - following
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