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The mystery started in the spring of 1946 with a letter. Someone “drops a dime” on bootleggers, and one of the smugglers is Frank’s brother, Jack. But that’s the least of Mickey Mathews’ worries. Jack’s wife has been murdered, and soon after, Jack disappears. Before more people vanish, Mickey and Frank must find the smugglers and jump headlong into their most dangerous case yet.


Reader Comment on Brotherly Love

October 29, 2023


On a pleasant day in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in May of 1946, a surprise greets Mickey Mathews and Frank Tuttle when the mailman hands Frank an envelope postmarked Port Huron. Reading the letter, Frank, the retired Army major, is surprised to discover he has a sister-in-law and a nephew. Two days later, following a visit from Jenny Tuttle and her teenage son Billy, events draw Frank and Mickey into danger once more. The FBI has learned Frank’s younger brother Jack, who ran away from home in Baltimore at age fourteen, drives a truck for a ring of smugglers transporting bootleg liquor from Canada across the Blue Water Bridge into Michigan. The mystery deepens when Jenny is shot and Jack disappears with Billy, perhaps to a hideaway in Ontario. Facing intrigue, danger, and death, Mickey and Frank must find Jack, locate the smugglers, and rescue Billy in yet another dangerous case.

DL Hillman

Blue Water Bridge, connecting
Port Huron, MI, to  
Sarnia, Ontario

Sunset in Northern Michigan

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