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Yesterday's Tiger Heroes (Wynwidyn Press)

Yesterday’s Tiger Heroes is a history of the 1956 Detroit Tigers and the ball club’s players, from All-Stars Al Kaline, Harvey Kuenn, and Charlie Maxwell to unsung heroes like Wayne Belardi, Buddy Hicks, and Jack Phillips. Readers who grew up in Michigan during the 1950s in the Golden Age of baseball will remember these major leaguers from newspaper stories and baseball cards. Baseball fans from later years will relish the heroes and the feats of this classic Detroit tram and its struggle to rise into the first division against the American League’s best, notably the Yankees.

Readers will see what baseball meant in the 1950s, understand the triumphs and turmoil of the most famous professional sports team in Michigan, and glimpse why many kids grew up dreaming about one day playing for the Tigers, or, on the sandlots, “being” Al Kaline, or Ray Boone, or Bob "Red" Wilson, or right-hander Frank Lary, or southpaw Billy Hoeft, or lefty reliever Al Aber, connecting for a big hit or winning a close game at Briggs Stadium. Memories of those Tigers and their heroics live in this book.

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