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Doce Blant Publishing Book Release
Physicists - Foxhead Inn.jpg

Foxhead Inn circa 1930 overlooked Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

Physicists - Peace Bridge.jpg

Peace Bridge, Buffalo, N.Y.

Physicists - Reading Terminal.jpg

Reading Terminal Station, Philadelphia, Pa.

Doce Blant Publishing, 2021 WFIR Interview

Mickey Mathews and Frank Tuttle have launched a risky mission. On Labor Day in 1945, Frank is called by Carol Jensen, a former girlfriend who lives in Washington, DC. Her husband George, who recently worked on the “super bomb” in Los Alamos, New Mexico, needs his secret files.

Mickey and Frank fly to DC to meet Carol and her friend, Debbie Spencer. Both are married to physicists whom the FBI accused of selling secrets to the USSR. The Michigan friends must escort the glamorous wives to Buffalo, New York, on a hazardous train journey.

Are the frightened physicists protecting US secrets, or are they selling classified documents to Russia? Are the wives involved with spying? Facing intrigue, danger, and death, Mickey and Frank must guard the women as well as deliver the files to the correct hands.

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