Physicists - Foxhead Inn.jpg

Foxhead Inn circa 1930 overlooked Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

Physicists - Pacific Locomotive.jpg
Physicists - Peace Bridge.jpg

Steam Locomotive pulling the Maple Leaf to Buffalo, NY.

Peace Bridge, Buffalo, N.Y.

Physicists - Reading Terminal.jpg

(Doce Blant Publishing, coming in 2021)

Novelist and investigator Mickey Mathews and retired Army Major Frank Tuttle have taken on another dangerous mission. On Labor Day, September 3, 1945, Frank received a surprise Long Distance call from a onetime girlfriend, Carol Jensen, who still lives in Washington, DC. She needs to reconnect with her missing husband George, who worked on the “super bomb” at Los Alamos, New Mexico, in order to deliver certain secret files to him.

Mickey and Frank fly to Washington to meet Carol and her best friend, Debbie Spencer. They discover both women are married to physicists who have been accused by the FBI of selling atomic secrets to the USSR. Learning the husbands are hiding in Buffalo, New York, Mickey and Frank plan to escort Carol and Debbie there via a long overnight journey by train.

Mickey and Frank wonder whether the frightened physicists are protecting US atomic secrets, or selling classified material to Russian agents? Facing intrigue, danger, and death, the Ypsilanti men must protect two attractive women as well as use their wits and skills to make sure the secret files end up in the correct hands.

Reading Terminal Station, Philadelphia, Pa.