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Thunder, Thunder Over Thunder Road

Updated: Jul 11

July 7, 2024

Brotherly Love, Ch 5, page 75-76: Within ten minutes of the smugglers’ rig double-parking on the side street, Mickey [Mathews] and Frank [Tuttle] had moved into position. Across the street from East Side Liquor [in Port Huron], they found an abandoned Victorian. Entering through a back door with a broken lock, the two men stood at an upstairs bedroom window overlooking the street. Using his binoculars, Frank watched the truck and the men from the left side of the window. Mickey watched from the other side.

The house had an abandoned smell like it hadn’t been lived in for years. Dust covered the floors. A large cobweb with a black spider was hanging near one corner. The spider was busy. The globe for the overhead light was hanging by one screw. A rag doll with a scratch on its smiling face lay on the floor near the door, like testimony to happier days. Shuddering, Mickey wondered what caused the residents to leave.

Across the street, Jack [Tuttle] appeared. Six feet tall with black hair and day-old stubble, he wore faded jeans and a blue-striped polo shirt. A burly well-dressed man accompanied him. He seemed to be a store employee, perhaps the owner. A cigarette dangled from his mouth, flipping up and down as he spoke.  Nodding, Jack turned and waved.

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Sounds quite interesting!!!

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