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An Infamous Anniversary

Blog from Final Secret, Ch 5, pp. 72-73, Bombs from the Rising Sun

December 6, 2022

The waiter [in Honolulu] held her chair, and Patty Gilbert, looking swell in a pleated blue skirt and white lace blouse with a scooped neckline, smiled at Mickey as she gracefully took her seat. She leaned closer. “You look like the proverbial ‘cat who swallowed the canary.’ Do you have good news?”

Mickey squeezed her hand. “I typed chapter 1 today, or at least I finished it today.”

Harvey, an efficient, careful, pleasant waiter, took their order. A stout Hawaiian in his twenties with black eyes, black hair, and a peculiar limp, he had a habit of bobbing his head and smiling when each person spoke. Harvey recommended, and they accepted, the “catch of the day,” Ahi, or Yellowfin Tuna, with Chinese vegetables, stone-ground wheat bread in a long round loaf, and chocolate cake. Mickey selected a bottle of Californian Sauvignon Blanc to complete the meal.

As the courteous waiter departed slowly for the kitchen, Patty held Mickey’s hand, looking into his eyes. “So tell me about it.”

“I’ve typed four chapters of the outline. I’m thinking seventeen or eighteen chapters total.”

Loving her attention, Mickey was oblivious to other diners in the restaurant. “Mainly I wrote a good start for chapter 1. For the title, I’m calling the first chapter ‘The Great Pearl Harbor Novel.’ I think I’ll call the book Bombs from the Rising Sun, which is an obvious reference to Japan.”

Patty, who loved novels, was fascinated with this book as well as the author. Knowing Mickey in person gave her a new slant on his novels. “You really like this kind of writing, don’t you?”

“I do. You get to take real-life situations, hopefully including a mystery, and create a cast of characters to give the reader an idea about what has happened, or might happen, in our world.”

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