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Family Trials

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[By David Hillman]

June 16, 2023

Prior to its publication later in 2023 my friend Jim Sargent sent his latest novel, Brotherly Love, in the form of a Word document for me to "look over." I set out thinking I would read only one chapter on my computer and postpone reading the full novel until it was a printed book. However, after getting hooked by the story I saved the text as an email and happily read the full novel on my iPhone over the next couple of days. Readers familiar with his series can look forward to another crime-fighting adventure featuring the writer/investigator Mickey Mathews and his older friend and sidekick, retired Army major Frank Tuttle. The action starts when Frank receives a letter from a sister-in-law he did not even know existed, and it forces him to revisit an unpleasant past and come to terms with a brother who had disappeared decades earlier. Frank's brother Jack is unfortunately caught up in a smuggling ring that operates between Michigan and Canada. Before the adventure is over our crime-fighting duo will have encountered violence, kidnapping, and death as well as a host of interesting characters on both sides of the border. All this is set in historian and novelist Jim Sargent's favorite locale, Michigan in the 1940s, which is beautifully rendered and presented with a level of detail that will please any Americana enthusiast.

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