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Bootleg Brotherly Love - Forthcoming

Updated: May 3

May 1, 2023

A family surprise that turns into a murder mystery greets Mickey Mathews and Frank Tuttle on a pleasant Thursday in May 1946. Around noon the mailman handed Frank an envelope postmarked in Port Huron, Michigan. Reading the crudely spelled letter, the retired Army officer was surprised to learn he had a sister-in-law and a nephew living in Port Huron. Two days later, following a visit by Jenny Tuttle and her teenage son to Frank and Norma Jean's bungalow on Emmet Street in Ypsilanti, events draw Mickey and Frank into action again. The FBI claims Frank’s younger brother Jack, who left home at age 13, is driving a truck for a ring of smugglers transporting bootleg liquor from London, Ontario, across the Blue Water Bridge into Port Huron and other cities in Michigan. Shortly after Mickey and Frank travel to Port Huron and cross into Canada, Jenny is shot in her apartment, and evidently Jack and a crony take Billy and disappear across the border into Ontario. Facing intrigue, danger, and death, Mickey and Frank and their friends must find the smugglers as well as rescue Billy in their most dangerous case yet.

Coming in 2023 from Doce Blant Publishing

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